Why the name Casafelino

Why the name Casafelino

The name CasaFelino

Why the name CasaFelino? Well and then you have a house built in Portugal. Many houses (casas) have a name here and what name will we give our Casa? It is of course important that this name represents us as owners of the house. But it is also important that the name is easy to pronounce by us and our future tenants. For ourselves, we are currently not yet fluent in the Portuguese language and even if we will learn the language in due course, this will be a process of years (by the end of 2020, 1 of us will already take Portuguese lessons to learn the basics). So we have to make ourselves comfortable. Fortunately, there is google translate. 

First let’s see what we would like as a name. We soon agreed that it should be something with cats / felines. We both love this and at home in the Netherlands we also have the sweetest cat in the world. His name is Elmo. We like to see other felines in nature (if there are in the country where we are on vacation) or otherwise in the zoo. In our house in the Netherlands are also various paintings of felines and other trinkets of cats.

In the beginning we thought of The lion (one of us has the zodiac sign Leo), but the translation of this is Leão. Well and how do you pronounce this well and especially if you have to say this 10 times in a row. So this was not going to be him. We looked at the word Cat this is in Portuguese Gato, this is too short for a name for our house and does not sound super nice Casa Gato (in terms of pronunciation it was a bit easier).

Furthermore, typing the word Feline, the word Felino came up. Wow! This sounds good: CasaFelino 🙂. And the most important thing is we can pronounce it well (and of course we hope our future guests will also). Although we still place the emphasis a bit wrong here in the Netherlands (or with our accent it also sounds less Portuguese than if a Portuguese would pronounce it).

The decision has been made: it will be CasaFelino. After this we could also quickly check whether the domain name was still available. www.casafelino.com and it was. It just has to be this way!

The intention for our (holiday) home is that the cats will become part of the interior of the bedrooms. Not in the sense that every room gets its own living feline resident. But something will come back in the interior (think of paintings or posters and other accessories). We are still gaining ideas on how we will carry this out exactly.

The construction is still in progess. Click here to find out more.

Why the name CasaFelino

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