The Villa

It is October 2022. From the start of construction, there was soon a plan to place a pergola behind the house. The wood was ordered and delivered in the summer of 2022 and we started assembling the pergola in October. You can see the result below. The pergola can be expanded in the future to protect against wind and sun. If you are interested in renting this villa, click here for an overview of the availability.
Beginning of August 2022. We will stay in our house again this summer. It’s great. The construction work of the houses yet to be built is progressing steadily as you can see in the photos. This year we have installed solar panels and a heat pump has been installed for heating the swimming pool. The pool will be heated from may to october. If you are interested in renting this villa, click here for an overview of the availability.
It is mid-August 2021. We have been staying here for 5 weeks now and in that time we have installed the rest of the interior and exterior. The artificial grass has also been laid outside. The house is finished and ready for use. We loved it and can’t wait to come back in the fall. If you are interested in renting this villa, click here for an overview of the availability.

It is June 2021. The delivery has now taken place and after that we have been busy setting up. We had already had a lot of material transported from the Netherlands to Portugal so that after delivery we could immediately start installing the beds and bedside tables in the bedrooms. In addition, the air conditioning has been installed and we have built in the microwave. Preparations have also started for installing the artificial grass in the garden. The rest of the furnishing will be started soon. And after receiving the declaration of habitability, the process for the rental permit will be started.

Almost the last update. The house is almost ready. The delivery has been postponed for two weeks due to travel restrictions due to Corona.

Another update. It is May 5 2021 and the kitchen is ready, except for the installation of the equipment, and the pool is filled with water. Just a few more weeks and then the final delivery will take place.

It is April 12th 2021 and construction is now almost complete. The painting of the outer walls has now been completed. We are also fully engaged in the preparations for the interior. Already bought the necessary items that will be shipped at the end of May. The activities that must take place immediately after completion have also been scheduled. Then the air conditioning will be installed and the artificial grass will be applied.

It’s March 24th 2021 and construction is nearing completion. The delivery date is now known. The completion will take place at the end of May. The tiles on the terrace have been laid. In addition, the cabinets are ready inside and the kitchen is assembled.

We are a month later. The tiling is now ready and the sanitary has been installed. The fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms are ready.

It’s February 3rd 2021. The position of the barbeque has been changed and has now been installed. Inside, the floor tiles have been installed, as well as the doors, frames and carpentry of the built-in cupboards. The kitchen is now being produced and is expected to be installed at the end of February.

It’s November 23rd 2020. Another update. It’s going fast now. The outer walls are insulated and plastered and the outer frames have been placed. The activities for making the barbeque will be carried out soon.

It is now November 14th 2020. Indoor works are in full swing. The walls are now smooth and the wall tiles in the bathrooms have been installed. In the kitchen, the contractor is busy making the cove in which the spotlights will be placed

It is the end of October 2020 now. Autumn has already started. In Portugal the weather is still very pleasant and the progress is clearly visible. The stucco inside is ready. The pump house has been bricked and the concrete floor under the pavement has now also been installed. Soon the plaster work will start outside.

It’s July 30th 2020 and here are the promised progress photos from the past few days.

It is the 29th of July 202 and we have arrived in Nadadouro and have visited the construction site. There is good progress in the construction. The walls are ready for the plasterwork and the finishing floor will be installed shortly. Soon we will post some more pictures we took this week.

It is the end of June 2020. The casing pipes, sewers and power lines have now been installed. It gets along nicely. In a few weeks, we hope to visit the construction site live and will post more photos.

It is now June 24 2020 and construction is progressing steadily. The masonry has been installed since mid-May and grooves have been milled in the walls for all pipes and cabling. We have regular contact with the contractor to discuss plans and finalize them. The plans for the kitchen and the fixed barbecue are now also with the contractor and we will discuss and finalize them shortly. In the summer holidays, despite the Corona virus, we still go to Portugal as planned a long time ago. There we will meet the buyer counselor to discuss various matters. Think of the colors of the pool, the way of heating the pool, the finish of the interior walls, floors, paving and the implementation of the toilets tiles, taps in the bathrooms. We’re looking forward to it. Lets go to the next phase !!

In March 2020 the contractor started the foundation of our villa and since then the concrete construction has been installed. This is the state of affairs on May 12, 2020. Lets go to the next phase !!

At the end of 2019, the construction of a number of homes on the surrounding plots of this project started. On the 1st of February the contractor Coderne started working on the construction at the neighbours and you can see the progress of te concrete construction.

The villa is being built in a quiet area close to Nadadouro. The site was prepared for construction in 2019 and a new street has been constructed. That work was completed in June 2019.
This project is developed by Immoportugal. Below the link to the progress photos of this project Quinta Nova I (Greenvalley)