Waarom de zilverkust

Why the Silver Coast


Why the Silver Coast. The choice for Portugal was made quickly. Good climate, easily accessible, safe, beautiful nature, beautiful beaches, not densely populated and not too far from the Netherlands. Various trips to Portugal followed.


We have been to the Algarve several times to get a feel for this area. The whole Algarve is easy to reach from Faro. The weather is beautiful most of the year. Lots of sun and high temperatures. Even in winter you can be good here. In the summer it is standard very warm with temperatures up to 36 degrees. The surroundings are beautiful here, especially the rocks on the coast stand out. Tourism is very much present. In summer it is therefore very busy. In winter it is sometimes extinct and many are closed. We have visited several homes here with a Dutch broker. The prices of the houses here are on the high side due to tourism. House prices have risen sharply again in recent years after the financial crisis in 2008.


In the inland we also visited various homes and talked to the current residents. From Lisbon we drove to central Portugal with a rental car. Here also beautiful nature. With mountains where you can even ski in winter. Here tourism is much less and you are more among the Portuguese residents. The tourist attractions here are mainly the mountains, forests, reservoirs, rivers and historic villages and cities. In short, a lot of rest. The weather here is of course less stable and the temperatures here are much lower than in the Algarve, although summers can also be very hot here. You get a lot of housing for your money here.

Silver Coast:

Finally we drove to the Silver Coast. The Silver Coast starts north of the Costa de Lisboa, roughly at Torres Vedras. It is not entirely clear how far north this costa runs and is indicated differently. The northern border is approximately at the height of the city of Leiria. We focused on the area an hour’s drive north of Lisbon. Here is Caldas da Rainha (the largest city in the area). Here you have the sea, beautiful historic villages, a lagoon with a very wide beach and even hills not too far away. Again, the weather is less than in the Algarve, but on the other hand, it does not get as hot in the summer as in the Algarve. This is a beautiful green area and we visited several projects with new build houses with the developer Immoportugal. This area is emerging in terms of tourism. In addition, the mild temperatures, the beautiful surroundings, the fact that this area is close to the sea and the Obidos lagoon have led to the decision to have our house built in this area. To get an impression of the surroundings, please click here In the end, we opted for the Quinta Nova I project, which will be built near Nadadouro. You can view the progress photos you can see here
Why the Silver coast

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